March 19, 2018

Best Performance Watch for Your Triathlon Race

Gone are the days when sports watches were only used for tracking time and heart rate. In the past few years, more and more manufacturers have come up with triathlon watches incorporating a wide range of advanced features. These watches
March 19, 2018

Garmin Forerunner 310XT Review

When it comes to the triathlon watches, they come handy in a number of different ways. Apart from keeping tabs on your lap time, they can provide you valuable information about different metrics including speed, cadence, and heart rate. They
April 19, 2018

How The Weight of Running Shoes Affects Running Speed

When purchasing new running shoes, we often find ourselves checking out the weight of the shoe, but do you actually know why? What difference does the weight of your new running shoes really make? In actual fact, the shoes’ weight
April 19, 2018

What Is Special About Triathlon Running Shoes?

If you are fairly new to triathlon, then you may be wondering about whether or not specific triathlon running shoes will be a worthy purchase for your new adventure. How different are they to normal running shoes and why may
May 11, 2018

Triathlon Shorts VS Bike Shorts

There has always been a debate whether tri-shorts and bike shorts are interchangeable. Is it acceptable to skip tri-shorts and use your trusty bike shorts for the race? Find out in this article the advantages and disadvantages of the two
May 12, 2018

Best shoe laces for triathletes

Avid triathletes will know how crucial the transition time during a triathlon is. For serious triathletes, a quick transition is about more than just how quickly you can get from the bike to road. It’s also about how the right