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December 21, 2017

Bike Trainers – Buying Guide and Best Models

Although many people may argue that training indoors is not as beneficial for your triathlon training, we actually beg to differ. Throughout the lead up to your triathlon event, there’s no doubt you will experience less than ideal weather conditions
February 14, 2018

Sugoi Triathlon Shorts Review with Buying Guide

Since becoming an official performance apparel sponsor of the IRONMAN, Sugoi has outfitted triathlon athletes at racing events throughout North American and Europe. Sugoi, which is Japanese for “incredible”, continues to live up to its name. Since 1987, the brand
February 14, 2018

Best Shorts Review for Triathletes with Buying Guide for 2018

Triathlon shorts are an essential gear for many endurance athletes aiming for pure performance. Just as joining a race or event will take serious training, buying the right one will require as much preparation and research. Because you will be
February 24, 2018

Best Entry Level Triathlon Wetsuits to Bring out You’re A-Game

Having the best triathlon suit is among the most underrated factors that can turn your beginner’s triathlon experience into an awesome one. Training and fitness– these will improve over time. But a good entry level wetsuit can offer many performance-boosting
March 3, 2018

Zoot Prophet 2.0 Wetsuit Review

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional triathlete or even a watersport-enthusiast, it is imperative to invest in the best wetsuit for your own sake. This product, if chosen carefully, can turn out to be a key difference between
March 3, 2018

5 Top Triathlon Suits

Designing a ‘uniform’ for one sport can be tricky enough, but when it comes to designing a suit that fits the needs of three sports in one, there’s lots to think about. Here we will share out 5 Top Triathlon