Chris Andrews, Author at The triathletic you!
October 8, 2018

Best Shorts Review for Triathletes with Buying Guide for 2018

Triathlon shorts are an essential gear for many endurance athletes aiming for pure performance. Just as joining a race or event will take serious training, buying the right one will require as much preparation and research. Because you will be
October 8, 2018

Sugoi Triathlon Shorts Review with Buying Guide

Since becoming an official performance apparel sponsor of the IRONMAN, Sugoi has outfitted triathlon athletes at racing events throughout North American and Europe. Sugoi, which is Japanese for “incredible”, continues to live up to its name. Since 1987, the brand
April 26, 2018

Men’s Triathlon Suit: Choosing The Best Tri-suit

You only have one goal in a race – that is to win the competition and take that race-day performance to the next level. So, investing in a quality triathlon suit is all worth the extra buck after all. This
April 19, 2018

What Is Special About Triathlon Running Shoes?

If you are fairly new to triathlon, then you may be wondering about whether or not specific triathlon running shoes will be a worthy purchase for your new adventure. How different are they to normal running shoes and why may
April 19, 2018

How The Weight of Running Shoes Affects Running Speed

When purchasing new running shoes, we often find ourselves checking out the weight of the shoe, but do you actually know why? What difference does the weight of your new running shoes really make? In actual fact, the shoes’ weight
April 19, 2018

Review of Shimano RS80 (Ultegra) Wheelset

With the Shimano RS80 (Ultegra) Wheelset, a pair of carbon wheels is just within your reach. It is one of the entry-level wheelsets under Road Sports category, which represents Shimano’s line of Ultegra components. The RS80 paired with a C24